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3 Month Fat Loss Coaching Plan
After signing up to the Macro Lean - 3 month Plan and filling out the questionnaire, your personalized macronutrient numbers will be calculated and sent to you. It is up to you to plan your daily diet and eating to fit these Macronutrient numbers. The plan comes with the Macro Lean recipe e-book but the usage of this is entirely optional. if you wish to hit your macronutrient number with other food choices that your prerogative. Whether you are a Meat eater, Vegetarian or Vegan the Macro Lean method will work for you as long as you hit your macronutrient targets. It’s your sole responsibility to follow our guidelines and make sure these numbers are achieved consistently. Macronutrient numbers will not be changed if you disagree with the targets, as they have been calculated carefully to your personal details including age, height, weight, body fat % and activity level.
Your training plan is pre set outlining the exercises, reps, sets, tempo and rest times. Video links are provided demonstrating correct form and tempo. These should all be watched to learn how to perform these exercises with optimum form. Best results are achieved when following the workouts as closely as possible.
Full body shots in underwear or swimwear must be submitted with your returned questionnaire for us to calculate your personal program. Until all your fully completed questionnaire and photos are sent your plan will not be completed or sent out to you.
Once you have received your macronutrient targets and the first phase of the program you can begin. The plan requires full committal to achieve a body transformation. This is your sole responsibility. This means you are in full control of the results you achieve. Full support from Macro Lean is provided all the way through the plan until day 90.
You have 12 months from purchase date to begin your 3 month plan. The Macro Lean - 3 month plan works only if you fully comply with the method and therefore Macro Lean takes no responsibility for lack of results.
Check in
After each phase it is your responsibility to check in with us by emailing your weight and new pictures. It is not the company’s responsibility to chase you for your information. Once we have received this you will be sent the next phase as soon as possible. Normally within 2 working days.
Payments and Refunds
Payment is to be made to Macro Lean in full via our online payment page. Once we have received payment, your completed questionnaire and photos, your plan will be devised and sent out ASAP. In regards to refunds, Macro Lean is not providing physical goods that can be exchanged, so therefore we do not offer refunds after purchase is completed and plans are devised an sent out to the client. Refunds will also not be given for clients disliking of the structure, foods or workouts given in the plan. Unrealistic expectations from our plans do not warrant any type of refund. In exceptional circumstances such as debilitating illness or injury refunds maybe considered. A medical certificate or doctors note is needed for any consideration. If in extraordinary circumstances Macro Lean does not deliver your personalized plan as agreed in our terms and conditions a refund case will be opened. Proof of Macro Lean not providing services paid for must be demonstrated by the client. Unreal expectation from our 3 month plan is not subject for any type of refund. In exceptional circumstances such as debilitating illness or injury refunds maybe considered. Medical certificate or doctors note is needed for any consideration.
Liability and Risk
When undertaking any Macro Lean plan you take full responsibility for the effects that may come from partaking in such a plan. As with any fitness program risk of injury is possible if performing exercises with bad form. By participating in the Macro Lean - 3 Month Plan you do so at your own risk and responsibility. Macro Lean are not medical doctors and you must consult your Doctor/GP before starting any fitness plan. If you become ill or injured while on a Macro Lean plan you must take your doctors advice. You are following the Macro Lean 3 Month Plan at your own risk and Macro Lean takes no responsibility for any injuries, health problems you may experience or even death resulting of following the plan.
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